Thursday, 14 November 2013

Is evil good or bad? That is the question

Is google evil? well this post from india daily gives the strong impression that google is evil...Basically to sum up this post from my favorite new sites is simply, google have been making seo much much harder hurting small businesses and boosting big brands instead.. if you dont believe me go to any webmasters forum or seo forum and they will tell you just how difficult it is to start a website and get found now on the internet.. If you do anything that is remotely against google dictatorship you will loose all your website traffic and earning.. so dont cross google... Also google is letting negative seo happen.. weheby other people are targeting and spamming website links or their enemies all over the internet in the hope that their competitors will get penalized.. and this is no myth as penguin is real and analyses backlinks and if there are any spammy ones you get penalized regardless of who creates them or not... the speculation from various webmasters is that google is letting this happen so that more websites dont rank and must get ads.. sounds right! I think that actually sums what is talked about pretty well. I would thought like to add a few things into the mix as well.. tech... google wants to make people wear google glass... the constant bombardment of google glass and the fact that many tech company's will make all other things just like the desktop redundant by not making them anymore means that soon we will all be wearing google glass and nothing else. (Sorry that did not quite come out right as I wanted it too... I know what I am trying to say but I just cant seem to write it down right.. maybe Il update this when  the words come to me sorry about that.) Anyway What do you think.. do you think google is evil? Or am I just a bit too paranoid.. (well India daily started it hehe) comment below to tell me your views..... please no spam! Spam doesn't help anyone and more to the point blogspot comments are no followed anyway so you will not be getting anything out of spamming my blog.. dont be evil ;)

Sheffield seo talks about negative seo and I agree with him!

In a recent IndiaDaily article a SEO from Sheffield has told how more and more sites are being hit and quite badly by other competitor sites hitting their sites with negative seo, and according to this seo genius from Sheffield its not just highly competitive keywords that negative seo is rampant on but also local lower competitive keywords to... They also tell how even just being on the search engines is enough for you to start getting spammy automatic links and how search engines action of penalizing sites that are found to have spammy links is unjustified and evil. Since penguin that was released it has became super easy for anyone of your competitors to hit your site and destroy your ranking with just a few pushes of a button.. whereas bigger sites with a huge number of links and already known by people so search traffic isnt that important to them cannot be hurt due to how strong their link profile is. I must say that search engines are going about things the wrong way morally. People businesses are at stake yet these big super rich internet giants will not do anything because negative seo benefits them! With more small businesses becoming victims to penguins wrath means more businesses buy ads to make their site seen... this is very exploitative and should be looked at by politicians! There really are so many different hurdles that seo's have to duck and dive under and seo really has became a game of luck more than anything else.. and we all know that the only person to win at gambling is the deals really.. and who are the dealers? the search engines of course! If you are struggling with seo Lets hear from you Comment below and tell us whats bothering you and if you stuck on making your site get to the top.. or if you are a small business owner who is having all the luck and hasnt been destroyed yet we would like to hear from you as well.. so go ahead and comment.. tell us you story, you dont have to leave your website address if you dont want to either.